Arms is the graphic design & fine art studio of Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen. We create work on paper, plastic, film, fabric, walls, windows, the screen and everything in between. Our Studio & Gallery are located in Los Angeles conveniently close to good pasta and bagels.

Arms Studio
346 ½ N Sierra Bonita Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Social Awkwardness

cellular phone - 410 382 5304

cellular phone - 323 217 5553


Thank you to all of our colleagues and friends who contribute to our projects:

David Dodge, John Starr, Jeff Stockwell, Alexandra Spencer, Byron SpencerIvan Narez, Brandon Smith, Kevin Dowling, Clifford Tran, Emilie Tran, Jon Julio, James Yoder at Colornet Press, Jeremy Muir at FNtech, and Sulaiman at SMA


Graphic Services:

Brand Identity, Naming, Logos & Marks, Illustration, Print & Pattern, Concept Development, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Driving Directions, Environments, Retail Packaging, Print Collateral, Tees, sometimes websites...

Clients may include:

Oculus, Réalisation Par, Armadillo&Co, Reath Design, Thread Eyebrows, Marigot, Dead Sara, Rainsford, Ecobel,   Them, Atlantic Records